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Online Store

We are excited to announce the opening of our new online store! Join our mailing list for the “official” launch date (including info on our upcoming seedling sale). Delivery/Pick up options listed in the CSA program below and on our store.

Choose your way CSA

CSA shares now available for purchase on our online store!

What is CSA?

It is about building a meaningful relationship between you, our consumer and us, the farm/farmers. Your early commitment to the farm allows us to offer you in return, a variety of seasonal produce for you to purchase on our online store.

How it works


Local farmers Allison & Stephen want to grow fresh, delicious produce for their surrounding communities.


You would like to eat the vegetables they grow so you visit Northwood Vegetables Online Store and purchase a CSA Share.


Your share is credited to your account.

This ensures you have first access to the seasons harvest plus other CSA perks.


Order what you want, when you want.

Your Store Credit can be used to purchase as much seasonal produce as you would like to eat!


A meaningful relationship is formed between…

The Community

Access to fresh & nutritious produce with a minimal carbon footprint, educational oppourtunities about ecological agriculture, part of supporting the local SK food network.

The Farm/Farmers

Build a personal connection with awesome customers, financial security to focus on growing nutrient dense food, ability to share knowledge & skill set with community.

The Perks:

The flexibility of our CSA program allows you to choose the items you love to eat and leave the ones you don’t for others who do!


  • Receive a weekly newsletter with tips & tricks for proper veggie storage and recipes
  • Early access to the storefront and first dibs on bumper crops
  • BONUS store credit upon signing up (for standard & large shares only)

Want to know what we grow? Check out our list here.

Share Sizes


The Perfect Starter Share



Great for 1-2 people


*Receive a bonus credit of $8 (valued at 1 free delivery)


Family Size or Veggie Lover


*Receive a bonus credit of $16 (valued at 2 free deliveries)

*Purchase by May 31st to secure your spot for the season!


Delivery Options

  • Hafford
  • Blaine Lake
  • Saskatoon

Pick-up Options

  • On-Farm
  • Blaine Lake
  • SaskMade Marketplace, 8th Street, Saskatoon (this pick-up point is currently only available for CSA members)

Delivery/Pick-up days: Wednesdays

Hours: Between 9AM-6PM, depending on location.

Hafford and Blaine Lake is on our morning route, while Saskatoon deliveries are in the afternoon.

Delivery Fee: $8 ($5/delivery + $3 packing fee)

Packing Fee: $3 (applies to ALL pick-up locations, except on-farm)

How does the Store Credit work?

Credit is loaded onto your account at the beginning of the season (when the veggies are ready) and is valid until the season ends. Each week the online store gets stocked with produce, we send you a reminder we are open, then you place your order online.

CHOOSE what kind of produce in the amount you would like to get. Want to level up your salad game? Load up on our greens or radishes! Do you look forward to stocking up on items for canning, like cucumbers or tomatoes? Use your credit for that and more!

When is the farming season?

  • Start: late June-early July
  • End: late September-early October

What if I need to miss a week?

  • Simply skip ordering for that week (s) and continue when you return.
  • We do, however encourage regular weekly shopping to get the most out of the seasons harvest!

My credit ran out…

  • No problem! You can purchase more credit during the season OR continue to pay as a regular online, customer
  • Receive reminders when credit is low so you won’t miss a week.
  • Unfortunately, credit will not be carried forward to the following year so be sure to use it all!

Farmer Wellness

As farmers, the seasonality of our work and the unpredictability of mother nature can often times take a hard toll on our bodies and minds. Over the years we have learned that tending to the land organically also means tending to our own health and well-being. This means that we may be closing down the online store for a week during the summer so that we can keep on keeping on!

If this happens, we will notify you via email.

Shared Commitments

We, the farmers commit to providing you with fresh, seasonal produce in exchange for your commitment to sharing the risks and rewards of farming with us. By becoming a CSA member, shared rewards could include a bumper crop (meaning more produce to choose from) and risks could be in the form of crop loss. This loss can happen due to pest damage, storms, drought or prolonged periods of rain. We mitigate this by planting a diverse range of extra crops however, our external environment is outside of our control.

If there is significant field damage during the season and crops cannot be salvaged, we will notify you ASAP and carry forward all remaining credit to the following year.

Farm Transparency

Interested in learning more about our methods? Want to see where your food is grown or get some hands-on experience? Let us know. We would happily trade veggies for an extra set of hands!

Further Questions?

Reach out to us at