Northwood Farm was born out of Ian and Christina King’s mutual love for the earth and respect for the process of growing food. Their story and the farm continues to evolve.

“The best things are very close….
The air that we breathe
the light in our eyes
the flowers at our feet
the tasks at hand”

– R.L Stevenson

Our Story

Northwood farm came to be from one-part prairie sensibility and one-part west coast reverie. Ian, growing up with a green thumb in Calgary, had wandered west to attend the Pacific College of Horticulture. After partnering to start an organically based landscaping company, he had become enraptured with the edible side of gardening and started Backyard Fresh Farming with two friends. Christina found herself on the coast studying yoga, nature and youth education after taking a leave from her teaching job in Saskatoon.  After meeting in 2008 at a small farmers’ market in Victoria, British Columbia the two fell in love and have been ever since!

Ian & Christina were joined by two helpers; Gabe (2009) and Molly (2011).

Ian sold his vegetables at the Moss Street Community Market and to various restaurants around Victoria.  Christina taught yoga and stayed home with their babies.  Gabe and Molly spent the first years of their life on the beach and in the dirt.  Life was blissful, but land tenure was always tricky.  Ian ended up managing another family’s farm, Sea Bluff, for a year before Ian and Christina decided to move to Saskatchewan to purchase some land of their own and Christina resumed her teaching career.

This will be Ian, Christina, Gabe & Molly’s eighth year in Saskatchewan on the beautiful land we call Northwood Farm. Each year, we grow more into our vision and we are thankful to our community for helping us along the way.  For the last five years, we have been planting Christmas trees and an apple orchard which we are excited to have the time to turn our focus to along with caring for our long term crops.

Northwood Garlic

Each year we grow delicious Hardneck Red Russian garlic. Typically each fall we have several hundred pounds of gourmet garlic for sale to the local community.

Interested in purchasing? Join our mailing list for news on the harvest before we sell out!

Christmas Trees & Fruit Orchard

In the fall of 2019 we purchased about 100 heritage Saskatchewan apple trees to start a small half acre orchard for cider production. This is a long term project and we won’t be seeing saleable harvests of apples for several years yet. Also for the last 4 years we have been planting Balsam Fir trees for the local Christmas Tree market. 2021 will be the 5th year of planting. We have about 5 more years before we will have trees available for purchase. Tree farming has been a dream for a long time and we’re finally making it happen! Stay tuned for more updates from the forest.